Oct 13, 2012

A special Thank you

There is someone I'd like you to meet. She is an artist, mother, hooper, entrepreneur and most of all...my best friend. Her name is Shannon Reeves-Noelke. She is designer of The Gypsy Peacock Jewelry.

(she's likely to kill me for posting her pic lol)

She is a WONDERFUL designer and I drool over her creations!

She has taught me A LOT about working with metals. I used to mess with beads EONS ago, and grew up working with leather...but when she brought me into her studio and showed me how to make fold form jewelry and how to solder....she created a monster!

I wanted to thank her for showing me the ropes, for pushing me to be better, for encouraging me to make more, to sell more...for being my cheerleader and for being my friend. Thank you Shannon. You're a wonderful person and have a beautiful soul.
Love you chicky! ♥


The Gypsy Peacock ~Jewelry said...

love you girl and i sooo enjoy our time together!

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