Oct 24, 2012

Dalmation Jasper

I've always loved gemstones and have been fascinated with their meanings and healing properties. I've always believed that everything in nature has energy, and with that energy comes a connection. I won't get into a lengthy philosophical, metaphysical post (haven't had enough coffee for that ☺) on you but I figured, since it's been a super long time that I've focused on gemstones, that I'd take you on my journey to really learn them and how I used them in a project. I thought I'd start with Dalmatian Jasper.

I've had this stone given to me three times in the past few months. My husband bought me one from my best friends store Bead Here Now. Second time came in a sweet package in one of my purchases from Run with the Tribe. The third time came when my son, husband and I were at a Gemstone & Mineral show mining for gemstones at a booth and a lil piece was in my find!

Dalmation Jasper 
Zodiac Sign: Virgo • Planet: Earth • Element: Earth • Chakra: RootDalmation Jasper is an energizing stone that helps cleanse and breaks down walls built as a defense mechanism. When worn, it helps you view your own strengths and weaknesses, while keeping you grounded to earth. The black Tourmaline spots help encourage a positive attitude, good luck and happiness. It take in the negative energy in its surroundings then redirects positive energy. 

I soldered mine with patinaed copper and finished it with a copper feather and Red Tigers Eye beads.
My hubby bought this piece for me (see above) and I've been wearing it quite often.


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