Oct 16, 2012

In the studio

Every week, my friends Shannon (The Gypsy Peacock Jewelry), Danielle and I meet in the morning for coffee at Bold Bean (BEST coffee in Jacksonville by the way!!) and have our "coffee talk". 
After we've had our fill, Shannon and I head over to her studio and bang out some jewelry. 

This is me working on a Thunderbird pendant. Getting it ready to solder. 

Shannon working on one of her beautiful rings!

Our stuff.....

I love our studio days. We get a lot accomplished and route each other on with our new creations!
Do you have your own creative space? I'd love to hear about it :)
Happy Tuesday! 


The Gypsy Peacock ~Jewelry said...

it reaLLY looks like a bomb went off in our studio!!!!

The Dailey Brew said...

I love the organized disarray of the studio! I would love to stop by and watch you guys work. The Thunderbird is awesome! Will you be doing any holiday specials?

Speckled Feather Boutique said...

Thanks K! I'll probably run a special around the holidays :)

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