Jan 4, 2013

odds and ends

unexpected road trip >> road food >> coffee with family >> best burgers in tulsa >> provisions
wolf clan >> heaven >> sweet pup >> editing an eagle I photographed >> 14 mile creek
my nieces senior session I photographed

It's been a crazy few weeks! Unexpected trips, last min xmas shopping, xmas, new years....*phew* I can't keep up! I hope you had a wonderful holiday and 2013 brings you happiness and luck ♥

I have some big plans for Speckled Feather! I'm back in the studio and working on new creations!

I submitted the Thunderbird pendant to one of my favorite collections. Stay tuned!



gypsie sister said...

Really excited to see what the new year brings.


Lune Munro said...

WHERE IS THE SNOW????? I'm impressed with your eagle photo. Nature photography is endlessly interesting to me. Catching a shot like that is such a prize.

Speckled Feather Boutique said...

Gypsie Me too!!!

Speckled Feather Boutique said...

Lune: we missed the snow by a week! I think it missed the area we were in at that. I haven't seen it 14 years. I do miss it seeing we don't get any in Florida :P Thank you for the sweet words! I could have sat looking at him all day.

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